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A third of broadband users unhappy with customer service

A new report from the Telecoms regulator Ofcom has revealed that 31% of broadband subscribers in the UK are dissatisfied with the level of customer service they receive from their provider.

Ofcom surveyed more than six thousand customers, asking how happy they were with the various Telecommunications services they received – Broadband, landline telephone, Pay TV and mobile phone.

Overall satisfaction with broadband rose by 3% from its rating last year to 69% this year. Virgin Media and Sky came out on top, scoring ratings of 76% and 75% respectively.

At the other end of the scale were BT and TalkTalk. BT scored only 60%, while TalkTalk was just a little further ahead on 62%.

19% of broadband clients raised the issue of internet speed as their main point of concern when speaking with the BT customer service department.

Other problems flagged up included difficulty in being put through to the right person, the time taken to solve problems, and the lack of compensation offered to customers as a goodwill gesture.

BT is also languishing at the bottom when it comes to how happy consumers are with their landline service, with 61% of their subscriber-base satisfied, a decrease of 2% on BT’s rating last year.

Again, both Sky and Virgin scored well here, with the former on 79% and the latter on 72%, though once again TalkTalk finished only slightly ahead of BT on 62%.

In the survey of mobile customer satisfaction, O2 came top with a score of 78%, while EE was bottom of the pack with 69%.

In recent news, BT has announced that it is in preliminary talks to either purchase EE or buy back O2. Given the comparatively poor ratings of both BT and EE, this is potentially of serious concern to clients of both companies.

On 15th December, BBC ten o’clock news confirmed that BT has rejected a deal with O2 in favour of pursuing the buyout of EE. What this will mean for consumers, especially in light of customer satisfaction ratings, is unclear.

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