Netflix for BT customers

BT is providing customers with a new Infinity bundle that combines superfast broadband, YouView television and the popular television on-demand service Netflix.

The announcement comes only shortly after BT revealed that its customers will also be able to order Sky Sports 1 and 2 (though not as part of this deal), after Ofcom ruled in their favour in a dispute with Sky.

The offer is available to both new customers and those already with BT. However, as the contract is 18 months long, existing subscribers must have at least 12 months remaining with BT in order to qualify.

The first six months cost £5.99 per month, with the following 12 months setting you back £21 per month. This effectively means that for the first half a year of the contract, customers will pay only for Netflix, and will receive television content including BT Sport, and superfast broadband, for free during that time.

There are, however, a couple of additional expenses you should be aware of. One is an activation fee of £49 for new customers of both internet and television, or £30 activation for Infinity alone, or £35 for television alone, and a charge of £6.95 for delivery of the internet home hub supplied by BT.

In addition, the advertised price does not include line rental, which is currently £16.99 per month, though a bit less if you pay yearly in advance.

Finally, there is a monthly download limit of 20GB and an upper speed of 38 Mbps on the BT Infinity package included in the deal, although luckily neither viewing regular television nor Netflix will count against these limits.

The YouView receiver you get as part of the deal is BT’s new DB T2200 mini-box, which allows you to pause and rewind live TV. The box’s small size, however, means that it does not come with a hard-drive, so you can’t record with it.

Also, the box has an HDMI connection only. So if you have an older television with a SCART connector you’ll have to have a word with BT to see if there’s an alternative for you.

This is BT’s second price-busting deal in recent months. Their TV and standard broadband Starter Pack is currently free (besides line rental) for the first six months.

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