Internet report shows changing broadband landscape

Cloud computing company Akamai Technologies has published its latest ‘State of the Internet’ report, which charts numerous trends and statistics related to global internet usage.

According to the report, average broadband speeds in the UK slowed down in the third quarter of 2014, showing a 3.4% drop to 10.7 MBPS (Megabytes per second).

This puts the UK 12th in a list of European rankings, down from 5th spot last year. Switzerland took top honours, with average speeds of 14.5 Mbps, followed by Ireland, the Netherlands and Romania. Latvia and the Czech Republic also scored highly.

Globally, South Korea is leading the way with speeds of around 84.6MB. Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Uruguay are also hitting breakneck speeds in comparison to Britain.

However, speeds in the UK are still more than double those of the overall world average, which stands at 4.5 Mbps. And other major European countries are faring even worse than GB, with neither France, Germany, nor Spain getting anywhere 10Mbps, the minimum that Akamai considers to be high-speed.

It is also worth remembering that year-on-year, broadband speeds have greatly improved, with the UK’s average increasing by 17% since 2013, though eclipsed by a global improvement of 25%.

This means that while short-term results are disappointing, particularly given Broadband Delivery UK’s (BDUK) championing of superfast internet, longer term trends remain far more encouraging.

Akamai also found that 81% of UK broadband customers can now access internet speeds of over 4MBps, with more than 65% achieving more than 10 Mbps.

David Belson, the editor of the report, said ‘the strong year-over-year growth trends illustrated in this quarter’s report show the internet is evolving and expanding to meet the growing demsnds of our increasingly connected lifestyles’.

The report doesn’t only chart trends in Internet usage. Mobile phone connection speeds are also charted, and the UK does pretty well here, second only to Slovakia in Europe.

Once again, South Korea claimed pole position in world rankings with an average of 18.2 Mbps compared to the UK’s 8.8 Mbps.

Akamai also charts internet attack traffic, or cyber-attacks such as DDos, and over the third quarter of 2014, half of all cyber-attacks were found to have originated in China – although Akamai also states that the source IP address may not be the same as the country where the attacker lives.

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