Everything Everywhere (EE) was the first major operator in the UK to provide the fast 4G mobile internet connection. Building on its success, the company (formerly T-mobile and Orange) now offers a selection of superfast and regular broadband services, as well as landline and mobile phone packages.

  • Both standard (17 Mb/s) and superfast (38 Mb/s or 76 Mb/s) broadband offer unlimited usage, so no concerns about being charged for creeping over your monthly data allowance. However some types of web traffic (such as peer-to-peer or file sharing) are subject to slow-downs at peak times to provide consistent speed for all customers across the network.
  • Discounts for existing customers with EE mobile.
  • Landline call plans consist of a Weekend calls package or an Anytime+ service.
  • EE’s extensive mobile packages include pay monthly, pay-as-you-go and SIM only plans in either 3G or 4G, all offering large data allowances, and many with unlimited texts and calls.
  • Numerous extras for EE mobile customers include 2-for-1 cinema tickets on Wednesdays, BT Wi-fi, Clone Phone (a service that saves the content of your phone in the event it gets lost or broken), and film downloads to your phone.

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