BT’s Black Friday deals

It isn’t just retailers getting in on the Black Friday sales rush – BT has joined in too, with some really good deals for new customers on phone, television and broadband packages.

Consumers don’t have to worry about missing out if they don’t sign up on Black Friday itself (which is Friday 28th November, in case the hype has passed you by) – the offers will remain available until Monday 1st December.

BT’s dual deal features unlimited broadband and weekend calls for just £5 per month (plus line rental) and is on a 12 month contract, and the triple deal throws in BT’s TV Essential package for a further £5 per month. In addition, both deals include a £50 Sainsbury’s voucher.

There is also a BT Infinity variation on the dual/triple deal. £10 per month (plus line rental) will buy you the unlimited Infinity 1 package and again unlimited weekend calls on a 12 month contract.

The triple deal is an 18 month contract, and includes unlimited Infinity 1, unlimited weekend calls and BT’s TV Entertainment package. The first six months of the deal will set you back £15 per month, then £17.45 for the next six months, with the final six month period costing you £30.45 per month. Again, these prices do not include line rental. It’s worth noting that with any new broadband deal from BT, the home hub is free, but delivery will cost £6.95.

The Infinity double and triple deals also come with a £100 Sainsbury’s gift card. Vouchers can be spent either online or in-store.

Standard BT line rental currently costs £16.99 per month, although this drops to £13.32 per month if you pay the whole year in advance.

It remains to be seen whether other providers will follow suit. With more and more British retailers taking part in the US annual sales event, it seems like only a matter of time, and would certainly be good news for consumers looking to shop around and save some money for Christmas.

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