‘Biggest ever’ broadband deals from BT

BT is the latest in a string of operators to offer seasonal promotions to new customers – and the deals are set to continue beyond the festive period.

In what BT is calling its ‘most significant savings ever’, customers could save up to 63% on current bills. However, anyone wishing to take advantage of the gift vouchers that come with the promotions will have to hurry – this part of the deal expires on January 7th.

The newest offers cover a wide range of BT’s packages and can include everything from regular broadband, to fibre optic internet, to television and phone calls, to bundles of all of them.

All of the deals are on 12 month contracts, and the offer price covers the whole length of the contract, but as usual does not include line rental which is currently priced at £16.99 per month.

Some of the packages also require a one-off activation fee of either £30 or £49, so make sure you check before committing, and remember to factor that in to your overall budget.

The basic package, priced at £4.75 per month, is regular broadband plus weekend calls. There is a download limit of 10GB per month, and internet speeds of approximately 17 Megabytes per second.

This deal also includes a free BT Home Hub 5, and access to BT Sport over the internet, as well as a £75 Sainsbury’s gift voucher.

The slightly upgraded version of this package costs £13 per month and is largely the same, but with unlimited usage allowance.

The next tier up is BT Infinity. The basic Infinity 1 package plus weekend calls will set you back £7.50 per month. Usage is capped at 20GB per month and up to 38 Mbps download speeds.

This deal comes with a £125 Sainsbury’s voucher, a free Home Hub, and BT Sport.

Or consumers can subscribe to BT’s triple-play bundle. Their ‘Starter Pack’ includes BT Infinity 1 fibre-optic broadband, BT Television with YouView, BT Sport both online and on TV, and the film and television streaming service Netflix.

This package costs £13.49 per month for the duration of the 12 month contract. The same package but without Netflix is priced at £12.50 per month, and both deals come with a £125 Sainsbury’s voucher until January 7th.

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